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At a young age - visiting some evening classes at the School of Visual Design in Basel. Thereafter, the artist made a brief apprenticeship as a stage designer at the Basel City Theatre. Certificate of postgraduate freelance painter since 1987. In the following years he had huge success with solo exhibitions in the space north-western Switzerland. In 1991, followed by a brief television appearance, in a Swiss cultural program: exhibition of paintings from the roof of the hotel in Almeria Lugano-Paradiso. From 1996, his painting became more marked by influences of the expressive and naive painting style. Now he gained more security in the lines and especially in color. Thus, the painter found his own style of painting. The phase of the expression in mainly abstract, colored pictorial compositions was over - older works have been completely revised, he finished so its mainly self-taught training.



OTHER ARTIST: inspired him or impressed on his way so far:


Klee: "Inner Space" many Horizon planes and vanishing points in his compositions for his "inner worlds"

Kandinsky: early works - works which he showed in the unification of the "Blue Rider" and his particular musical idiom.

Chagall: The Colours and his own childish painting style, his vivid imagination, his timeless vision and his unearthly weightless world sensation.

Vincent van Gogh: The easily recognizable own strokes and painting technique, the design of its very own deeply felt landscapes. His favorite picture of him: Starry Night.

Gaugin: It is for him the trailblazer when it comes to the topic's Image - He had not adhered to this phenomenon of external nature as opposed to Van Gogh and had therefore get even quarrel with him.

Matisse: His erfühltes "Light of Mediterranean landscapes" and the colors of his style of life and his large abstract compositions with cut colored paper.

Cezanne: Pioneer of Modern Art, in his opinion, no one had the naturalness and abstract form language combines harmonious in his landscape painting and his style of life.

Klimt: His ornament-like and high-contrast design language

Monet: The light, the colors, and the size and thus the perspective "immersion" in his water lily pictures

Redon: He experienced it in many spiritual teachings, as a kind of inner Malle listeners the spiritual world. His archetypes he admires, they showed him how to increase in line of the rainbow color harmonies.




Images - Exhibitions / group exhibitions in BS, BL & TI

1989 - October Ref Kirchgemeindehaus, Kaiseraugst / AG.

1990 - March Gemeindebibliothek, Reinach / BL

1990 - June Ref Kirchgemeindehaus, Kaiseraugst / AG.

1990 - September Altes Gemeindehaus, Münchenstein / BL

1991 - Mai Hotel Almeria, Morcote / TI (with TV appearance SF DRS 1)

1992 - February PC- school Digicomp AG, Clarastrasse / BS


Sales of own-screen prints, testing paper:

1997 - May Opening of residence Phoenix, Basel

1998 - October 10 Sämpa Laden, Gundeli Basel


Sales of prints on canvas and PVC

2006 - December Stationery Thiersteiner / Basel

2007 - January Hollywood Plaza / Basel

2007 - June Orangerie Green 80, Münchenstein / BL

2007 - August / September Project "More Room" Güterstrasse 148 / Basel

2007 - november to March 2008 Hairdresser Ali & Dilo, Güterstrasse 173 / Basel

2008 - January to March Restaurant Flamingo, Spalenberg 51 / Basel


Ongoing sales or exhibitions:

2007 - 2008 Billardcenter, Hegenheimermattweg 119a / Allschwil

2007 - 2008 Hairdresser Harry Schneider, Güterstrasse 248 / Basel

2007 - 2008 W & S beds AG Güterstrasse 172 Basel

2007 - 2008 Boutique Zhara, Solothurnerstrasse 42 / Basel

2007 - 2008 loading Sämpa, Bruderholzstrasse 45 / Basel

2008 - 2014, Showroom Palm Beach Tanning Salons, Güterstrasse 150 / Basel

2008 - February Proha-Tec, Thannerstrasse 45 / Basel

2008 - March Laden Sämpa, Tellplatz / Basel

2008 - April to June Digicomp Academy AG, Centralbahnplatz 6 / Basel

2009 - Dec Dental Clinic racetrack, Birsfelderstr.3 / Muttenz

2010 - June Dental Group Practice 8304 Wallisellen

2012 - Sep funfair, 9038 Rehetobel

2012 - October / November Puppet Museum, Oberndorf 45/9044 Forest

2013 - 2014 Gallery Boehner, Bechtle system house IT, Bessel Strasse 20-22 / Mannheim - D

2014 - September Schuler St.Jakob winery Paradiesstrasse 2, 4102 Binningen BL


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