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METHOD: When I paint and draw, so I'm working out of his own accord, so I do not go, like many other artists in nature, do not copy landscape or look for something real. Nevertheless arise in my painted visions, inspired by dreams internalized landscape composition: A fantasy world that comes completely  from my own imagination. The creative act to the finished image is based on repeated repainting of the color layers of an image statement, the condensed becoming concrete vivid image content. In countless operations, the paint is applied to the canvas - only gradually, sometimes after many months (or even years) only formed from the composition out that actually recognizable image. Even an abstract proportion shows by this way, into the painting. In the earlier work me light, color and shape were the most important in recent times, it is the color design, natural, timeless tranquility and balance of the whole vision. The special thing about my painting is the complex process of developing the individual pixels. Through this fusion of bold colors with a vibrant natural manages to give me my pictures deep rest and significance.

VISION: "I try to paint me, which corresponds to their own inner creative forces. In this way, I remain totally free from external influences. So I can keep my inspiration for a long time.

PRINTS & MORE: From painted original image to the illustrated prints or 3D images. The time technique that I use is acrylic painting that is applied in many layers. Of these, painted originals (currently not for sale) I then finished with the help of high-resolution scans via PC the files that I will print on a variety of print media. If someone wants an original, I offer newly also a 3D version.

MESSAGE:To alert the viewer to another world, it is not important to me - if he is accustomed to dream in color or similar I myself had many visions of an otherworldly reality. My soul many trips form the basis for my Inspiration Embassy of the existence of many dimensions. This greater reality is emotionally and mentally consciously experience for everyone. From such a dimension window I want to convey an impression. Furthermore, it is important to me that there is a positive force that is felt by my pictures: There may be many things, harmony, peace, life-joy, optimism, a solemn mood or even strong vitality.

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